YR Investments, llc seeks to provide its investors with a dependable return on their investment capital by leveraging the design, construction, and real estate experience of our 4 partners into a housing renewal business model created for this post-recession economy. YR Investments’ business model centers on three fundamental concepts which provide its investment partners with a dependable, solid return on their investments. These concepts are:

  1. Acquire real estate at wholesale pricing.
  2. Perform well-designed and efficiently-executed updates and renovations in a timely and cost effective manner.
  3. Bring the real estate to the retail market with pricing, terms, and conditions necessary to assure a quick sale.

Executed properly, these concepts should generate reasonable profits and company growth.

YR Investments was founded by 4 partners who are all long-term Richmond residents with extensive professional backgrounds in architecture, design, construction, historic adaptive reuse, development, and real-estate. They recognize the unprecedented period we are in and that it is ripe with incredible real estate opportunities in the Richmond metropolitan area.